Hello, I'm Oliver!

About Me

Oliver at age 12 at his computer desk

I'm a Juno College grad, constantly working to improve my Web Dev skills and master Javascript and frameworks like React!



Juno College

Web Dev 101

Juno College

Web Development Immersive BootCamp

Juno College

Shopify & Wordpress Custom Themes Course

Wes Bos

ES6 For Everyone

Wes Bos

React For Beginners


The Complete Javascript Course


Responsive Sites

Under the Sea

Under the Sea is a responsive web site demo with an underwater theme.

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Rocket Vision

Rocket Vision is a WordPress site converted into a static site for this demo.

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Whale Map Hotline

The Whale Map app is a React.js application using the Whale Map Hotline API, Leaflet & HERE Maps APIs.

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Penfield Mood Organ

The Penfield Mood Organ App is a JQuery project using the IMGUR API.

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